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An Open Letter to Young Brown Girls Everywhere

Dear Brown Girl, You see everything. You notice people around you growing and changing, because you are perceptive. Keep that. Trust your instincts. This world will tell you that feelings are not real and that logic trumps all of that, but know that those feelings are generationally taught. You’ve inherited an eye and an instinct […]

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Best of Yollo

Held at the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Best Of Yollo show is a collection of work by the young people of Yollocalli Arts Reach. The opening is on March 24 from 5-8 p.m. and runs through Aug. 13. It is free and family friendly. 1852 W. 19th Street.


Yollocalli Youth Graff Battle

What: Youth Graff Battle – Watch LIVE youth graffiti painting – Attend FREE hip hop workshops (breakdancing, emceeing, and DJing) from The Funk Underground (http://www.thefunkunderground.com/) – LIVE broadcasting from the Yollocalli Youth Radio Team – Snacks When: Saturday, June 18  2-5 p.m.  

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Local Events: Arts and Entertainment

April 8: Ratchet Series at The Skylark Let’s get ratchet. For six years, The Skylark, 2149 S. Halsted, in Pilsen has held its Ratchet Series, presenting a diversity of music to the neighborhood including free jazz, improvised and experimental. Join them Monday as DH Bastet performs, a musical act described as bass guitar driven avant-jazz […]

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Yollocalli Arts Reach Celebrates Valentine’s Day, National Condom Week

The youth council at Yollocalli Arts Reach decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little different this year. Encouraged by National Condom Week, Feb. 14 – Feb. 21, a week that uses humor to help educate on safe sex practices, and the need for safe sex awareness in the community, it has organized a Valentine-making party […]

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Urban Pop: New Yollocalli Exhibit Takes Inspiration from the Streets

They can be seen under viaducts, alongside building facades, light posts and even sidewalks in about every neighborhood in the city. Graphic, bold and unsanctioned images that use public space as a catalyst for self-expression. It’s street art. A subversive form of artwork that’s been bombarding city streets for years and now is the inspiration […]