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Ruido Fest 2017

Imagine the reverberation  from the echo of more than 1,000 souls, fans blasting out loud and making you feel goosebumps:   “Podrás imaginarte desde afuera,  Ser un mexicano cruzando la frontera  Pensando en tu familia mientras que pasas  Dejando todo lo que conoces atrás  Si tuvieras tú que esquivar las balas…”  That’s part of the lyrics of Frijolero, a classic song interpreted by the Mexico City rock band, Molotov, who closed the second day of Ruido Fest 2017 at Adams/Medill Park.   Ruido Fest has […]

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An Open Letter to Young Brown Girls Everywhere

Dear Brown Girl, You see everything. You notice people around you growing and changing, because you are perceptive. Keep that. Trust your instincts. This world will tell you that feelings are not real and that logic trumps all of that, but know that those feelings are generationally taught. You’ve inherited an eye and an instinct […]

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Local painter JoeMama brings whimsy to life on the SW Side

Joseph Mora welcomes me to his studio on 69th and Pulaski, where his paintings are displayed like colorful offerings in a shrine. The studio is his parent’s living room. And kitchen and bathroom and basement. His markers, paint tubs, half-finished canvases, silk screens and rubber squeegees are sprinkled throughout the house, which is already full […]

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Calles y Sueños: Historic Cultural Space Continues Legacy of Latino Art

The master of ceremonies, showing off a mischievous grin, readies his strike. Wielding a mahogany-toned Indiana Jones-style whip, the MC lashes the white rose’s thorny stem. It snaps in two. His sharp, black tuxedo’s long tail waves like a proud flag. Adrenaline is high as wide-eyed, excitable kids go wild. This was the evening’s star, […]

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Yollocalli Arts Reach Celebrates Move to Little Village with Art Exhibit

After 16 years of community involvement, the Yollocalli Arts Reach will close its doors in Pilsen to reopen in Little Village at the Boys and Girls Club. The center is hosting an event to celebrate and is inviting the community to participate. The Little Village location is expected to be open to the community by […]

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Radio Arte, Yollocalli Moving to Little Village

Two community arts and media youth organizations moving out of Pilsen to continue programming in Little Village Pilsen’s own youth radio station said goodbye to the airwaves on Dec. 30. WRTE 90.5 FM (Radio Arte) was one of the few radio stations led by teens in the city. For 15 years the radio station offered […]