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One Summer in Back of the Yards

  BYNC launched Hoops in the Hood on Saturday, July 8th with a registration event at the Back of the Yards College Preparatory. Former Chicago Bulls player, Dave Corzine gave tips and pointers to the young players. The DePaul basketball crew, LISC Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the 9th District Police were there in support of […]

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Back of the Yards’ very own launch new cafe

Once the home to the Union Stockyards, Back of the Yards is now home to its newest and only coffee shop dedicated to bringing artisanal coffee to the neighborhood. The Back of the Yards Coffeehouse and Roastery, 2059 W. 47th Street, celebrated its grand opening on Sat. May 13, 2017. Mayra Azucena Hernandez is a […]

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An Open Letter to Young Brown Girls Everywhere

Dear Brown Girl, You see everything. You notice people around you growing and changing, because you are perceptive. Keep that. Trust your instincts. This world will tell you that feelings are not real and that logic trumps all of that, but know that those feelings are generationally taught. You’ve inherited an eye and an instinct […]

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“Hearts Up, Guns Down”

The rain didn’t keep Back of the Yards youth, local artists, neighborhood leaders, law enforcement and the mayor from coming together for the 3rd Annual Faith and Action Summer Kickoff at Davis Square Park Friday, May 27. Children doodled with crayons and markers at a creative play station installed just behind the artists while they […]

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The Port Ministries expands its reach under new leadership

When the boiler went out at Back of the Yards’ Port Ministries earlier this month, programming came to a screeching halt while Director David Gonzalez and others worked to identify solutions. Two out of the three ministry buildings were completely cut off from heat and the organization began a massive fundraising campaign that received coverage […]