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Welcome to Englewood

At 1 p.m. on Friday, May 12, 2017, community leaders, neighborhood residents, and media crowds gathered on the corner of 63rd and Yale. Everyone wore excitement on their face for the unveiling of the first-ever “Welcome to Englewood” sign. Community residents are happy to see a sign like this be placed in their Englewood community. […]

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Dangerous situation concerning a dog in the alley of 5438 S. Honore

On September 17, 2013, on a Tuesday at 9:45am my wife and I were walking down the alley of 5438 S. Honore when this brown and white dog (Rottweiler or Pitbull) was in the yard of 5438 S. Honore; came charging and hit a board of about 3 feet in size that was propped across […]

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Veterans Wellbeing on Chicago’s Home Fronts

After 16 years in the military, Philip Chan said he had a relatively smooth transition back to civilian life. But he knows things are a lot more difficult for many young veterans including those in the South and West sides of Chicago. Chan believes the violence and lack of choices many young people face when […]

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Chicago Expands Recycling

131,000 new households will be using recycle bins by March and April but residents of some South Side neighborhoods might have to wait longer to see the service in their area Chicago’s recycling program is expanding citywide but neighborhoods like Back of the Yards, Pilsen and South Lawndale might have to wait longer to see […]

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CTA Announces Red Line Reconstruction Plans

The Chicago Transit Authority announced plans for the reconstruction of the Red Line south stations on Thursday, Feb. 21. On May 19, CTA will begin the renovation shutting down the 10 mile Red Line track between Cermak/Chinatown and the 95th Street terminal. “The red line eventually instead of running Howard to 95th will run Howard […]

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The Anthology of Written Works by Local Latina Artists

Proyecto Latina celebrates the years of work of its partipants through the creation of a book anthology For seven years, Latina writers have flocked to the monthly Proyecto Latina reading series to share their latest work with other artists. They read monologues, poems and essays, and share the juiciest gossips with that notorious Chisme Box. […]

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Art in the South Side

From traditional to street art, take a look at some of the art exhibits in your neighborhood Whether it is in the north or south of the city, it seems that every weekend a new art exhibit opens. With the vast number of galleries, alternative art spaces and museums, it might be a little daunting […]

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The Sweeps: Local Talent on the Rise

For over a decade, the Double Door stage has been graced by a plethora of national and local bands helping launch the careers of talent such as Rise Against, Disturbed and Kill Hannah. It’s no wonder that the local and emerging indie-rock band The Sweeps continues to perform at the venue, as it did on […]

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Newly Passed City Budget to Close the Only Two Public Mental Health Clinics in Latino Communities

The mayor and the commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Bechara Choucair are determined to close six mental health clinics on the North and South Side areas serving over 5,000 patients in Latino and black communities, including the only two public mental health clinics serving the Latino community in Chicago’s Back of the Yards and Northwest […]

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People’s City Council Drafts New Resolution

On Thursday July 7, the UIC forum became the gathering place for a mock city council debate led by activists, city residents and union members. Over 1,000 Chicagoans representing a coalition of community and labor groups gathered in support of a one-of-a-kind “people’s city council meeting.” “We will hear the stories of how American families […]