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Story-Collecting Storefront in Back of the Yards

    CHICAGO, IL – “Chicago is a city where Mexicans are everywhere, we’ve been here and contributed so much to this city, but you really wouldn’t know it by looking at mainstream media or textbooks,” says Ricardo Gamboa, activist, director and playwright behind Meet Juan(ito) Doe, a play about Chicago’s Mexican-American and immigrant community. […]

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Arts-Activists Launch #camerachi

In response to the influx of social, political and economic issues in the city, award-winning activist and artist Ricardo Gamboa has teamed up with arts educator and photographer Monica Cruz to present #camerachi. Appropriating Instagram as a radical technology, Chicagoans are invited to photograph what they love about their city and life in it, smacking […]

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“Maydays” Aims to Shoot Down Hollywood Clichés

Independent film will premiere at 29th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival It’s a familiar story. The one where star-crossed lovers fight to keep their love alive despite coming from opposite sides of the world. It’s the Romeo and Juliet storyline. The one we’ve seen Hollywood regurgitate time and time again. Yet a group of young […]