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Community vision captured in new collaborative mural

Images of harvest come alive as a Back of the Yards public art project embraces the neighborhood‘s industrial, blue-collar history. Last Saturday July 26, The Plant, a sustainable food production and educational facility located at 1400 W. 46th St., presented a new mural outside of the building’s brick facade, commemorating a community vision committed to […]

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The Plant Breaks Ground on Anaerobic Digester System

Waste management method will produce biogas to energize the 93,000 square foot facility The Stockyards, once the center of the U.S. meatpacking industry, is today the place where innovator John Edel is executing his vision for food production. In the past two years, Edel transformed a warehouse that once served as a meatpacking business into […]

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Old Peer Foods Building Transformed to Promote Sustainability

  The music blaring from the small radio resting on a cart in one corner of the room deafened the echoes of harsh construction sounds while workers, mainly volunteers, focused on their task in a huge, dusty room — a small part of the four story, 93,500 square feet of rooms that will be renovated […]

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“The Plant” Owner John Edel Chooses Stockyards to House Industrial Vertical Farm

As the Stockyards continue to become a place for innovation and sustainability projects (Testa Produce opened a green distribution center earlier this year), John Edel, 41, has joined the movement, working in the neighborhood he has always found fascinating. He calls himself an industrial history buff and said that as a lifelong Chicagoan, understanding the […]