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Healing Through Art, Love & Peace Circles at PBMR

The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air as you open the door at Art on 51st.  It is a quaint and cozy gallery space that is utilized for multiple purposes. There is a lot of noise in the room from different voices conversing as they get ready to have the  Restorative Justice Community […]

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Public art collaborative interprets jail statistics

Built in 1929, the Cook County Jail is the largest jail in America.  According to Cook County Jail data, nearly 9,000 people are incarcerated daily in one of the eight divisions of the jail. Imposing four-story and two-story brick buildings sit at the center of  96 acres of territory.  Nearly 100,000 people are detained every year.  […]

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Hope for substance abusers under Obamacare

  Delvertis Duke doesn’t rely on foxhole prayers anymore. “You know how you get caught and say, ‘Oh God, just help me this one last time,’ and then go right back to it,’” said Duke, 55. “That’s a foxhole prayer. I don’t do that now.” Duke can say that and mean it. He’s been off […]

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A visit to Cook County jail

Imagine a teenage African American boy. He is 18-years-old, a star basketball player from the West Side being scouted by colleges offering scholarships, including DePaul University. But one day he makes a mistake. He is charged with burglary after allegedly trying to steal from a Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. He was caught in the manager’s office.  […]

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“Cook County is Hell” Lawsuit charges brutality, mayhem at jail

Curtis Lashawn Curry told federal judge Virginia Kendall how he was awoken at 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2013 and taken to the medical dispensary in Cook County Jail. He had never before been called there at such an early hour, and the guards escorting him told some other men in the area to leave, […]

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Cook County judge supports restorative justice program

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans has agreed to support a pilot program that would divert 100 non-violent adult offenders or low-level arrestees to approved restorative justice programs over the course of one year beginning Nov 1. At a public meeting on July 25, Chief Evans committed to partner with Reclaim Campaign, a collaborative […]

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Artists, Community Leaders Aim to Transform Cook County Jail Wall

Project will include temporary site reflections, community feedback that will lead to larger, permanent public art piece What kind of impact does the presence of a jail have on a community and its residents? What emotional, psychological or physical influence does it create? Can something be done to change a negative perception over a space, […]

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Amendments Threaten to Undercut Cook County’s ICE Detainer Ordinance

On Thursday Feb. 9, the Cook County Board met to discuss two amendments that, if passed, would weaken the ICE Detainer Ordinance, passed by the Board on September of 2011. With this ordinance, the Cook County Jail will refuse Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to keep individuals longer as opposed to setting them free […]