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Immigration advocates discuss implications of executive order

Advocates and leaders gathered at Pilsen’s Casa Michoacan on Friday to discuss the implications of President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Signed into law today, the executive order will provide temporary relief from deportation for the parents of U.S. citizens and residents who have been in the country for at least five years.  The order […]

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Victor Cortes Presents New Book, “El Sabor del Desdén”

In Victor Cortes’ new novel, “El Sabor del Desdén,” German Castro Miranda, a factory manager, confides the economic troubles of his business to his elderly friend, Facundo Montuy, a neighborhood paletero.  Together they help a single mother of two, an immigrant of Central America, fight to avoid eviction. Their individual yet similar stories intertwine to […]

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78 women use the monarch butterfly as inspiration for traveling art exhibit The migration of a monarch butterfly is vast and lengthy. Before the start of winter, it travels south to escape the bitter, cold weather of the United States. At the start of spring, when flowers begin to bloom, the butterfly returns, settling north […]

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Abriendo Puertas: Empowering Latino Parents to Help their Kids Excel in School

Everyone can agree on this – parenting is not easy. Now, add to the challenge the pressure of doing it in a foreign country where language and cultural barriers can get in the way of connecting with your own kids. This is the case for many Latino immigrant parents who struggle with the challenges of […]