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Drogas y pandillas en La Villita: Una vista desde la base

Scroll down to read the English Version Traducido por Monica Reynoso *¿Cuáles son las implicaciones de justicia social de la guerra contra las drogas, del tráfico de drogas en las fronteras y en los barrios empobrecidos, los tipos o la falta de opciones de tratamiento para la drogadicción? El Social Justice News Nexus, un proyecto […]

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The Life of A Street Vendor

Perla Sanchez talks about the challenges that come with her job When you walk down 26th Street in Little Village, it’s hard to ignore the neighborhood’s vibrant commercial life. Traffic often moves slow as drivers cruise and check out shops from afar. The storefronts play loud “norteña” tunes and children drag their parents to the […]

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Artists, Community Leaders Aim to Transform Cook County Jail Wall

Project will include temporary site reflections, community feedback that will lead to larger, permanent public art piece What kind of impact does the presence of a jail have on a community and its residents? What emotional, psychological or physical influence does it create? Can something be done to change a negative perception over a space, […]

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Little Village Businesses Hang Tough in Tight Economy

* Edited by The Gate NO IMMUNITY TO HARD TIMES, BUT RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES PLAN FOR PROSPEROUS FUTURE For years, the storefronts and small businesses lining West 26th Street have sustained Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood through thick and thin economic times. Residents and shoppers throughout the region are highly drawn to the Mexican commercial strip […]