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A Snapshot of Hedges Elementary

Be responsible, be respectful, and be ready. That is the Hedges motto. “Hedges has a very positive and safe environment for students,” said Patricia Gonzalez, assistant principal at Hedges. Although Hedges has faced academic challenges like other schools in the neighborhood, according to the Chicago Public School (CPS) scorecard information, the school looks for ways […]

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Basketball Could Prevent Violence

By Jaime Ruvalcaba, 8th grader at  James Hedges Elementary Basketball programs in our community benefit the youth from different parts of our neighborhood. This year, my friends played for the St. Michael the Archangel team at the 3rd Annual Hoops in the Hood Tournament. The basketball games were great; two well-organized teams played against each […]

Mural Honors Heroes

  Back of the Yards residents have worked together these past few months to make various murals around the neighborhood, including one on 49th and Loomis Street. The mural is being painted in memory of all fallen heroes and counts with the help of many community members as well as the guidance of Rigoberto Robles, […]

Back of the Yards Youth Share Opinions on “The Will to Dream”

Neighborhood Youth Share their Opinions During the THE GATE’s youth journalism program, youth participants have been learning how to write reports, read published articles, become aware of issues pertaining to their communities and create their own voice. In the process, we have asked the youth to comment on different articles, while expressing their opinions. In […]

Just Like Us: Cornell Square Park Youth Radio Documentary

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Just Like Us: Cornell Square Park Youth Radio Documentary

This summer, TRACE youth participants at Cornell Square Park were busy engaging in critical thinking and brainstorming creative solutions to issues that affect their lives. The TRACE youth program used journalism and media literacy to discuss the issue of adultism – a topic very relevant to inner city youth. On Thursday August 4, program participants […]

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A Closer Look at the Definition of “Power”

Our youth journalism team has now embarked on a new journey. Read through these five stories and find out what our five young journalists are producing in a series of journalistic workshops over the summer. Youth are learning the basic components of writing and story development, and will be producing a series of articles regarding […]

Useful Tips to Keep You in Style for Summer

Shockingly, as teenagers become more interested in fashion each year, following new trends and styles seems to be harder for some than others. Keeping up with fashion can be painful, especially when budgets are low. Use these tips to help you figure out what you’ve been doing wrong… or right this summer. Don’t worry, we’ve […]

Graduation: One Step Closer

I remember when I was in kindergarten my best friend Lesly and I used to fight a lot over colored pencils. I can’t remember much about 4th grade except that we were always together playing around, learning new songs and simply worrying about what the next day would bring. Now, in 8th grade, we’re planning […]

Keeping it Real on Prom Night

Keeping it Real on Prom Night

Photo by indybarb2002 on Flickr.com Prom night is one of the most popular topics among students right now. Many students are in search of the perfect outfit, the perfect date and the perfect party. For most of us, all the preparations are a ton of fun. However, there is a huge difference between a middle […]

Early Signs of Teen Dating Abuse-Don’t be a Victim

Photo Credit: michi003 Are you a victim or do you know someone who is a victim of an abusive relationship? If the answer to this question is yes, speak up and do not let it happen anymore. Falling in love is a great feeling, but as teenagers we need to learn the real meaning of […]