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Voter Registration at its Lowest

Voter registration and turnout in Chicago have not surpassed the peak records shown in 1952 It is no surprise; Chicago has shown a de­crease in voter registration numbers hitting the lowest since 1942, at 1.28 million. “The fact is that our voter registration num­bers are low especially when compared to the census numbers, which indicates […]

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Power Plants on Their Way Out, Residents Celebrate

After more than a decade of protests, petitions and marches, community residents and activists celebrated a deal that will shut down two coal-fired power plants in the Little Village and Pilsen neighborhoods. These two plants, for years, have been blamed for compromising the health of residents in the two communities. “I’ve lived between two coal […]

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Proposed Child Care Assistance Cuts Alarm Parents

Marleny Herrera was among the parents who gathered at the Erie House town hall rally on Friday Feb 24. in disapproval of Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal to execute cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). Herrera is the mother of two—a 4- and a 7-year-old. She works for a social service organization as a […]

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Back of the Yards Remains in the Middle of a Ward Puzzle. Now What?

After a number of public hearings, map proposals and residents’ plea for unification, Back of the Yards’ newly drawn ward division brought disappointment to many. BYNC president Craig Chico believes the neighborhood lacked a representing voice when decisions were made behind closed doors. “I think [Back of the Yards] was the unfortunate victim of lack […]

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Family Unity? Obama’s proposed rule to keep immigrant families together brings doubts among community agencies

Read our most recent article on Obama’s new proposed immigration mandate Young Undocumented Immigrants Granted Relief from Deportation, Can Apply for Work Permits Right when the Obama administration was finally making a solid effort to keep undocumented families together, community agencies are warning the move should not be oversold as a major step, as families […]

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Criminalizing Youth

Is our criminal justice system setting up minority youth to fail? Though recent reports stated declines in citywide crime, neighborhoods with a large concentration of minority youth continue to harbor high crime rates in comparison to other areas. According to Tracy Siska from the Chicago Justice Project, part of the problem is that continuous high profile […]

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Abriendo Puertas: Empowering Latino Parents to Help their Kids Excel in School

Everyone can agree on this – parenting is not easy. Now, add to the challenge the pressure of doing it in a foreign country where language and cultural barriers can get in the way of connecting with your own kids. This is the case for many Latino immigrant parents who struggle with the challenges of […]

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Tilden Slated for Turnaround: How Many Transitions Can a School Handle?

Tilden Career Academy, located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, has been among the 10 schools flagged to become a “turnaround” school next year. Without having a clear understanding of what will happen to the school, the students and parents worry that new changes are only going to perpetuate the existing high teacher turnover rate […]

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Sewing with a Cause

Gloria Rivero and her mother explore the idea of social entrepreneurship in Brighton Park Gloria Rivero and her mother, Myrka De Rivero, are moving the idea of social enterprise forward in Brighton Park. Their almost 3-year-old business, Fashion Revolution Inc., is not just any ordinary sewing shop. Influenced by a simple desire of empowering young […]

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Acts of Defacement Target Neighborhood Murals

It was a striking mural. Painted two years ago along a freestanding wall inside the Manuel Perez Jr. Memorial Plaza in Little Village, the mural emulated the colorful images of some of the most celebrated figures in the Latino community—Cesar Chavez, Manuel Perez Jr., Sonia Sotomayor and Rudy Lozano Sr. Despite some residents’ concern over […]