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Bipartisan Group Introduces Immigration Reform Bill

Proposal includes path to citizenship, increase in border security The group of senators working on an immigration bill for months released the major components of the proposal on Monday, April 15. The draft called: Outline of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, would offer a path to citizenship to the […]

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Longer School Day – Finding Ways to Utilize Students’ Time Wisely

When Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural Academy Principal, Barton Dassinger, realized that one of the learning programs implemented in the 2010-2011 school year was no longer an option for his students, he began to look for alternatives. With a longer school day to fill this year, the answer, he says, came when he discovered a program […]

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FMEL Builds Platform for Latino Digital Art and Electronic Music

Some people believe that the only music originating from Latin America only carries the traditional sounds of cumbia, salsa, rancheras and that good old merengue that replays for decades in quinceañeras. That, however, is greatly narrow-minded. While it is true that many Latino musicians cling to this traditional track, there are many others that have […]

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We Are Hip Hop Festival

Teens work together to lead, plan and organize an event that has promoted peace through hip-hop in the neighborhood of Pilsen for seven years Mumbled chatter sweeps over the basement of Dvorak Park in Pilsen as more than 20 teens sit hunched over in groups—some concentrate over the delicate stroke their paintbrush creates on the […]

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Vacant Homes Demolished

Mayor’s New Initiative to Deter Crime by Demolishing Vacant Homes has Residents in Disagreement Only a square of bricks and debris remained of the once vacant home at 6747 S. Laflin St. on Thursday, July 12. The home was one of the first 12 properties demolished as part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new plan to […]

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Are Latino Students Ready for Common Core Standards?

Before CPS implements Common Core State Standards across district schools, the Latino Policy Forum holds a symposium to discuss potential academic achievement gaps among Latinos. Imagine this— two 4th-grade students having a text-based argument. Each student with a book in their hand—citing, talking, discussing and arguing about a particular subject, around a piece of text. […]

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CPS Officials, Community Members Discuss Details About New IB High School in Back of the Yards

After Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s sudden announcement that the long-awaited Back of the Yards high school will feature International Baccalaureate (IB) studies, neighborhood stakeholders met with CPS officials on June 19 to discuss planning for the school’s enrollment, leadership, and safety. CPS also gave greater details on what “wall-to-wall” IB will look like within the new […]

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NATO Comes to Chicago, Immigrants Talk About Their Issues Locally

While the city of Chicago becomes the focus of global politics during the NATO summit on May 20-21, much of the attention for locals is placed in foreseen protests, closures and other related activities. As the summit draws closer, one key issue that many believe needs to be addressed is immigration and its impact on […]

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Little Village Businesses Hang Tough in Tight Economy

* Edited by The Gate NO IMMUNITY TO HARD TIMES, BUT RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES PLAN FOR PROSPEROUS FUTURE For years, the storefronts and small businesses lining West 26th Street have sustained Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood through thick and thin economic times. Residents and shoppers throughout the region are highly drawn to the Mexican commercial strip […]

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Building Blocks of Peace

Residents and community organizations join forces to tackle the recent surge of violence in Little Village. Together, they hope to change the dynamic of the neighborhood block-by-block. Frustration, calls to action and self-reflections dominated the community dialogue at the town hall initiative “Building Blocks of Peace” organized by Universidad Popular with the support of local […]