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Fast food workers scrape by under current minimum wage

Updated January 8, 2014 Last December about 200 protesters in Chicago braved the cold and rallied in support of higher wages as part of a national movement to increase the minimum wage and improve the working conditions for fast-food and retail workers. Starting this year, 13 states across the nation are increasing the minimum wage […]

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ElevArte Studio sees value in the arts for local youth, holds annual Pozolada fundraiser (PHOTOS)

  Sometimes a bowl of soup can be the right remedy for more than just a cold. Yesterday, around 400 people got together at the third annual Pozolada to sample 30 types of pozole, a traditional Mexican soup. The event was held at the International Union of Operating Engineers building in efforts to raise money for art programs in Pilsen.  Everyone who […]

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Recycling plant proposal in Pilsen draws diesel pollution concerns from residents, gives job hope to others

Pilsen residents have long advocated for cleaner air in their neighborhood, but now some worry that allowing a recycling plant in the area will be a setback in their efforts to decrease pollution in the community. Last year, local environmentalists were able to help shut down Fisk, a coal-fired power plant that was emitting health-hazardous […]

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Thousands march, urge Congress to pass immigration reform (PHOTOS)

Thousands of people marched on the streets of Chicago Saturday asking Congress to find a comprehensive solution to the country’s outdated immigration laws. A combination of labor, immigrant and community groups walked from the city’s near West Side to Daley Plaza. Demonstrators played the drums, chanted and held signs that read “immigration reform now” and […]