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Female emcee reinvents herself as bold lyricist

Nan King’s small apartment is cluttered with boxes as the local lyricist and musician attempts to get settled into her home. She’s just moving into her new place, but her location isn’t the only thing that’s changing. “It was a tough decision to change my name. It’s like changing your actual government birth name. It […]

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Childhood Obesity Declines in Rest of Country, Not Illinois

With our busy on-the-go lifestyles and certain health disparities that plague our communities, it’s easier and cheaper to grab a quick bite from a local chain restaurant than to prepare a healthy meal. As a result, we’re faced with combating the growing epidemic of obesity. But new research shows that childhood obesity is declining in […]

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Woman of R.A.G.E

Englewood Resident Seeks to Transform Neglected Neighborhood It’s a breezy Sunday morning as Englewood resident Aysha Butler and I head to Ryan Harris Memorial Park. The park is just around the corner from her house, which she’s been living in for a little more than a decade. While other neighborhoods in Chicago enjoy the privilege […]

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Are Our Communities Accurately Covered by the Media?

Most of the headlines read the same when describing the story of a 25-year-old pregnant woman who lost her child in the Back of the Yards neighborhood last month: “Baby Stillborn After Mother Beaten in Back of the Yards” – cbs. com “Pregnant Woman Beaten in Back of the Yards, Baby Stillborn” – Chicago Sun-Times […]

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Chicago, Cook County Get Stricter Gun Laws Before Deadline

The timeliness of gun legislation is evident. With the Trayvon Martin verdict handed down and the recent shooting incidents in the country, legislators, activists and citizens are continuing to call for lawmakers to take a closer look at our country’s gun laws. Illinois is particularly in the spotlight regarding this issue. Seventy-four incidents of gun […]

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Unexpected? The Truth About Teens, Sex

Sex. Teenagers. We as a society have no qualms thinking about or discussing the two subjects separately, but put them together and they’re a taboo topic. One campaign seeks to address that. If you’ve traveled around the city, especially via public transit, chances are that you’ve caught a glimpse of the Chicago Department of Health’s […]

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The Marijuana Debate: Illinois Bill Passes on to Senate

For decades people have been debating over whether or not to legalize marijuana. Illinois is one step closer to making this advocate’s dream a reality. In a 61 to 57 decision, the Illinois House of Representatives voted in favor of a measure that would allow those with doctor’s permission to use the drug for medicinal […]

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The Less Desirable Coworker: How to Work with a Difficult Person

Let’s face it. Some people are jerks and they have to work like we do. We can control who we date, when we spend time with family and friends, even what we do in terms of profession; but the one thing that we absolutely cannot control is who we work with. Unless we’re the ones […]

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Obama’s Gun Proposal

A Good Start to Solving A Tough Problem? It took 20 little boys and girls to get killed for America to start taking gun legislation seriously. I don’t know how true of a statement this is, but that’s how many people feel when they set eyes on Washington. The Sandy Hook tragedy was the straw […]

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‘All My Babies’ Mamas’: Another Show That Would Have Set Blacks Back

Usually, I tend to stay away from entertainment because frankly I don’t give much of a damn about it. But upon hearing the news of rapper Shawty Lo’s new-found reality television series and it’s cancellation before actually airing one show, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the subject. Let me first start off […]