BOTY Coffeehouse and Roastery give back to the community

Photo courtesy Jesse Iñiguez

Photo courtesy Jesse Iñiguez

Owners of Back of the Yards Coffee House and Roastery, Mayra Hernandez and Jesse Iniguez presented their first donation award to the Kids Cafe program of Casa Romero on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Sr. Angie Kolancinski from Holy Cross, received the $500 donation.

Kids Cafe of Casa Romero is an after-school program that serves the youth of Back to the Yards.

For every 47th Street Blend bag of coffee that is sold, $1 is donated towards these awards.

According to the, Back of the Yards Coffeehouse and Roastery, this is the first of many contributions to come. The coffee shop is partnered with the Peace and Education Coalition and together they will be awarding small grants to other programs in the neighborhood.