Ruido Fest Interview with Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez from Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas is a Gothic soul-pop band from Detroit Michigan. Jessica Hernandez is a second generation Cuban and Mexican American. Hernandez studied at Columbia College and still spends time in Chicago. This year was her first time performing at Ruido Fest, an annual Latin Alternative music festival on its 3rd year. She performed songs from her very first bilingual album called Telephone/ Teléfono and previous albums too. Having had the opportunity to talk to her in regard of owning and embracing Mexican Culture in her Music, we asked her a few questions.  


(Photo by Gerardo Salgado)

(Photo by Gerardo Salgado)

Jessica Hernandez: Hi I’m Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas  

The Gate Newspaper: How do you feel being here at Ruido Fest? 

JH: I’m excited, this is really cool for us because this is the first time doing a Spanish album and it’s cool to play in festivals like Ruido , which I don’t think we could’ve got here and experience something like this before.  

TGN: What inspired you to record a Spanish language album?  

JH: I mean the main thing honestly, was my family. My father is from Cuba and my mom is Mexican so I grew up with a lot of Latin influence. Listening to music in Spanish and I don’t know feel as if I’ve always grown up wanting to be so American, I’ve always been in the rock scene, in the punk scene and the older I got the more I’ve been appreciating Sonora Dinamita and all this music I`ve grown up listening to and kinda want to integrate that to what I’m doing now and I feel like so much open up for me creatively when I started singing in Spanish and writing in Spanish 

TGN: What artist influenced yo u to be in the music industry?  

JH: A lot of artists, everyone from David Bowie to MC5 to Daley Patin to Whitney Houston  

TGN: At what Age did you know music was your thing?  

JH: I was actually 19. I was studying in Chicago to Colombia for Fashion Design and I was singing in a bunch  of different bands and playing on shows and playing music on the side but studying fashion and all of my friends and family told me Jessica you’re so stupid , you need to be playing music why are you studying fashion that’s so silly So, it’s kinda my friends and family that really push me to go for it and they actually talked me to drop out of school to pursue Music 100 percent . I’m very grateful that my family is supportive 

TGN: Do you incorporate some of your fashion skills/ style into your band?  

JH:Yeah, for sure. I mean I have a wacky style so, I’m always making clothes or making stuff for the stage. The guys outfit tonight for Ruido I made those outfits for them. Their “Fedidas” fake Adidas suits I made. (laughter) DIY crafts you have to  keep it cheap.  

TGN:What’s next for Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas?  

JH: The record just came out about a week an half ago so we’re getting ready to tour for a few months. We will be back to Chicago in September to play a show in a club and just a lot of touring and getting this record out and writing the third one already.  

TGN: If Jessica Hernandez was a drink what would she be?  

JH: A Mezcal Mule, because it’s a popular American drink and then you had Mezcal and it’s not a mega it’s a mezcal lul it`s a nice combo.