Welcome to Englewood


At 1 p.m. on Friday, May 12, 2017, community leaders, neighborhood residents, and media crowds gathered on the corner of 63rd and Yale. Everyone wore excitement on their face for the unveiling of the first-ever “Welcome to Englewood” sign.
Community residents are happy to see a sign like this be placed in their Englewood community. “It will reinstall a sense of community pride,” said Englewood native T-Y Green. “A sign like this is [really] monumental.”
The sign was designed by lifelong Englewood resident and two-time Grammy award winner, Leonard “GLC” Harris. The design depicts major landmarks of the neighborhood such as Kennedy King College, a CTA train, and St. Bernard Hospital.
 The project was led by Neighborhood Housing Services Coordinator and Englewood resident Rashanah Baldwin. “There is good in Englewood,” said Baldwin as she spoke to the crowd.
Teamwork Englewood is an organization whose goal is to unite organizations that serve Englewood residents and work to build strength in the community. Their Executive Director, Perry Gunn describes the sign as being an indicator of all the great people and good things that are happening in Englewood. “This sign is about welcoming you to a community that is thriving, welcoming you to a community that has good, and great people in it. And welcome you to a community that wants to be a great community for everybody.”
The sign was made possible by the Innovation Grant from Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago. The LISC organization believes that every low-income community deserves to thrive.
The sign sits on the northwest corner of 63rd & Yale.