New smart thermostat initiative to bring savings to Northern Illinois




People across Northern Illinois are now eligible for rebates on smart thermostats that can cut the cost of the devices in half, making the convenience and increased control of energy use more affordable.

The smart thermostat rebate initiative, a partnership between local utilities and advocacy groups, is the largest effort of its kind in the nation. It provides up to $120 in rebates –$100 from ComEd and $20 from customers’ local gas utility–on purchases of ecobee3 and Nest smart thermostats for customers with homes that access to Wi-Fi, central air, and a furnace. The rebates nearly halve the cost of the devices, which retail for about $249.

There are three ways customers can take advantage of increased of the smart thermostat rebates: DIY installation, purchasing through a heating and cooling contractor, or purchasing through a utility energy advisor during a home energy assessment.

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-enabled devices that allow residents to easily control the heating and air conditioning settings in a home through their smartphones, tablets, and computers.  The technology is smart because it learns or adapts to user behavior over time and can generate energy savings automatically. Residents remain comfortable when at home and reduce wasted money on heating and cooling energy while away at work or on vacation. In addition to costs benefits the technology also reduce energy use which helps limit carbon pollution.

The new Smart Thermostat initiative is a group effort on the part of ComEd, Nicor, People’s Gas, North Shore Gas, the Environmental Law & Policy Center and the Citizens Utility Board, with the support of the Illinois Commerce Commission.

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